Chronic Nuisance Ordinance

The City of Whitewater has a Chronic Nuisance Ordinance, and the Historic Starin Park Neighborhood Association (HSPNA) has a formal complaint process.

The Chronic Nuisance Ordinance lists two types of problems: 

  1. Property Condition, which includes things like un-mowed grass, junk, garbage, improper parking, un-shoveled walks, construction violations, over-occupancy, etc.
  2. Police Related, which includes things like disorderly conduct, noise violations, underage alcohol, drug violations, disturbance of the peace, fireworks, vandalism, etc.

Follow these steps if you have a problem:

  1. If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to the person or persons creating the problem to see if it can be solved amicably. If you feel uncomfortable talking, or if the problem is not resolved, then…
  2. If the problem is happening at a rental property, and if you feel comfortable doing so, call the landlord. (A list of all rental properties and their landlords is available to all active HSPNA members.) If the problem is still not resolved, then…
  3. Make a complaint. If the problem needs immediate resolution, call either the Police Department (262.473.0555) if the problem is Police Related, or Neighborhood Services (262.473.0540) if the problem is Property Related, AND…
  4. Complete the Chronic Nuisance Complaint Form. Fill out the form even if you have called in the complaint. If your complaint does not need immediate resolution the Complaint Form itself is all you need to do.

The Chronic Nuisance Complaint Form represents HSPNA’s effort to simplify and yet make more effective nuisance violation complaints arising in our neighborhood.

Please complete this form as soon after the occurrence as possible. This form will be forwarded to the City of Whitewater by the HSPNA President even if you have previously made the complaint in person.

HSPNA will keep this form on record and will use it to follow up and see what action the City takes. HSPNA will also keep track of the number of violations so that the stipulations in the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance can initiated at the appropriate time.

This form makes it possible for complaints to be filed anonymously, but the HSPNA Problem Resolution Committee believes that the complaint is stronger if the complainant is identified.
(Please note that under Wisconsin’s open records law, the City is required to provide a copy of the complaint should anyone request it in writing.)

Please complete the form as fully and as accurately as possible. Attach any supporting evidence.